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Neuro M

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Neuro M means “Mind and Muscle.” Every muscle contraction begins with a signal from the brain. Your potential for strength, speed, accuracy, coordination, and proprioception is determined by the strength of the neurological signaling from brain to body and back to the brain.

Neuro M works by increasing the neuromuscular response so strength and coordination are optimized. Use before any physical demands, whether it be work or exercise. Experience the potential of your strength by enhancing the neurological signals to your muscles.

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Plant: Ginger, Blue Yarrow, Cumin, Roman Chamomile, Rum, Juniper, Spikenard, Cardamom, Organic Jojoba Oil

Mineral: Black Jet, 528hz Quartz


Before any physical demands:

  • Physical work
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Physical intimacy
  • Resistance training
  • All competitive sports
  • Housework

Helpful for:

  • Weakness experienced with brain injuries
  • Toxicity that impacts brain function
  • Conditions with chronic affections and autoimmune conditions



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2 reviews for Neuro M

  1. Nate

    As a personal trainer and competitive in MMA Its’ a go to before working out or being on the mat. The idea of enhancing signals from the brain to the muscles is a wild idea. For me, Its an advantage. More endurance, more strength and coordination.

  2. Gina

    I started using Neuro M before my morning walk that I have been making for the last 6 years and the walk simply feels easier. I thought it might be my imagination but when my grandson is playing college football was able to do more bench presses after applying the oil I gave my bottle to him. I really felt the difference the next two mornings without it. When my new bottle arrived, I now can immediately sense a difference in walking. Thank you Neo Myalo.

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