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Vagal 2.0

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The vagal system is a keystone to all healing. Nothing facilitates positive change more than being in a vagal/parasympathetic state. The vagal nerve turns on digestion, blood sugar regulation, immune system responses, and sleep. To support a strong vagal response, use Vagal 2.0 daily to help build new brain pathways and create your new mind.

Applying Vagal 2.0 while taking deep inhalations and slow, long exhalations before meals and sleep will tone this vital neural circuitry. Like building strength in your body with regular and committed exercise, the effect becomes stronger with each day’s use.

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Plant: Roman Chamomile, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Ginger, Melissa, Helichrysum, Organic Jojoba Oil

Mineral: Muscovite, Goethite


Use Vagal 2.0 to develop the neuroplasticity for accessing the parasympathetic/vagal state needed for every step of the digestion process. Apply Vagal 2.0 before each meal, before going to bed, and before social interactions.

Applying Vagal 2.0 plant and mineral technology before every meal paired with the “physiological sigh” (or any slow exhalation) activates the body to receive and optimize the sustenance of your food.

Foundational for every aspect of healing, the parasympathetic/vagal state supports detoxification, regeneration, the immune response, deep sleep, and Heart Rate Variability.

The discovery of The Polyvagal Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges shows that the vagal state promotes social connection with others. Using Vagal 2.0 before any therapeutic interaction or gathering with family, friends, or colleagues enhances a sense of togetherness.




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3 reviews for Vagal 2.0

  1. Roland

    I love the Vagal Formula! My favorite time to use Vagal Formula is just before bed! My whole body transforms. As I take 3 slow breaths, I can feel calmness in my chest. I can feel my blood pressure slow down …in no time I am drifting off to sleep!

  2. Ethan

    I started using Vagal 2.0 because I was having really bad heartburn when I woke up. I use it before I eat and before bed and I notice a huge change since I started using it. I feel like overall my digestion is better and I am not waking up uncomfortable like I was. I didn’t know how much bad digestion was affecting me, I’m glad I learned about the parasympathetic state and how to use Vagal oil. Everyone should know this information, I think it could help so many people.

  3. Julia

    Our family has made a ritual of using Vagal 2.0 with its’ psychological sigh breath before each meal. Not only has my husbands burping post dinner disappeared, my daughter’s constipation has lessened, but the conversations at the table seem to be more sustained. I read on the web site that the vagus nerve is connected to our “ social connectivity” . I brought our bottle to work and had my staff use it before meetings and I swear that everyones become more cooperative and interested in hearing others. So thank you not only for Vagal 2.0 but also the education of how incredibly important the vagal nerve is to our well being.

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