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The Collective

 John Tjenos has a compendium of life works that gives perspective, guidance, and inspiration to our efforts to help people access their brain’s full potential. His background in the sciences of functional neurology and nutrition as well as his studies of the spirituality and philosophy of Kundalini yoga reflect Neo Mylao | New Mind’s “science and spirit” approach to brain change. His vision for the practices and usage of the formulas has given our technology a fully integrated mind/body/soul approach to creating change in the brain and nervous system.

John created and founded Neo Myalo | New Mind as way to bring the powerful tools and technology he developed in his 35+ year nutrition and structural clinical practice into the world. A long-time student and teacher of neurological healing modalities, John brings the best of his understanding and insight to the formulas that make up Neo Myalo | New Mind. His mastery of his craft is evident in the simple-yet-powerful technology he has developed to help his clients, and now you, experience balance by creating positive shifts in the brain with the help of his plant and mineral formulas.

Cathy Eason is Neo Myalo | New Mind’s trusted resource for all things physiology and lifestyle optimization. Her passion for helping people find healing by developing strong mind and body habits is a perfect reflection of what we are here to do – explore the possibilities of life when we change the way our brain is working.

Cathy brings over 25 years of clinical and teaching experience to Neo Myalo | New Mind. Her perspective on brain health and neuroplasticity is inspired by her work with elite athletes wanting to enhance sport performance, and through her support of health-challenged individuals seeking improved life performance, through nutrition, bodywork, and energetics. Cathy is an educator, student, and guide who sees the ways that anyone, athlete or not, can experience physical freedom and integration by working directly with the brain to create pathways that support physiological functions of the body. Cathy’s years as an instructor as well as her deep study of physiology and human potential offers Neo Myalo | New Mind an expert perspective on wellbeing that is rooted in the science of the human form.

Mishabae Mahoney opens her heart to Neo Myalo | New Mind by offering insight into her deep meditation practice and her experiences with adjusted states. Her time spent travelling inward is evident in her beautiful outward expression. She has an endless passion for helping others find their “Sat Nam” or “true identity,” and that makes her invaluable as a part of our collective. Passions collide as we join Mishabae in pursuing the potential for adjusting the brain through meditation to experience life more fully.

Mishabae has been working as a massage therapist, nutritionist, and teacher of yoga and meditation for thirty years. In each discipline Mishabae emphasizes brain health as a foundational component for healing. Her approach to brain-body wellness is rooted in her deep studies of meditation and movement. She believes in the value of accessing the qualities of the meditative mind as an important step to discovering the possibilities of living in balance and health. Mishabae brings her creativity and insight to Neo Myalo | New Mind as a champion for anyone hoping to find deeper states of connection to their meditative mind.

Jimm Harrison is a synergist. His relationship with the essential oils that make up our formulas can be described as intimate, imaginative, and protective. Jimm inspires us to keep pursuing the purest and most potent plant elements in the world. He only works with the best, therefore we only work with the best. Part science, part intuition, all wizardry, Jimm’s work of sourcing and bottling the best essential oils on the planet is the reason Neo Myalo | New Mind formulas can create meaningful change in the chemistry of the brain.

Jimm has an impeccable sense for balancing function and beauty when he works with John Tjenos’ formulas. Jimm brings our brain-change concepts to life, giving them form by exploring the scents and sensations derived from each oil in combination. His years of experience as an educator, developer, innovator, and performer are evident in the effectiveness and uniqueness of his creations- he brings out the best in each plant essence and presents the oils as a powerful coalescence. Jimm’s signature rock and roll spirituality gives him a mind that can see the harmony and soul of New Myalo | New Mind’s formulas. There’s no one in the world who knows, blends, sees, feels, and synergizes essential oils like Jimm Harrison.

Chloe Lee has an eye for what lies beyond the patterns of the urbanized lifestyle, seeing the unrealized potential of the human mind and body when we align ourselves with the rhythm of the earth. Chloe works with Neo Myalo | New Mind to help us discover the innate balanced brain that becomes accessible through ritual, ceremony, earthing, and the medicines of the planet.

Chloe bridges the divide between humans and nature through her experience as a forest therapy guide. Her nature embodiment practices draw on traditions from many parts of the world, Shinrin-Yoku from Japan, mantra and meditation from India, and the animist culture of her childhood home in Indonesia. Her work to reconnecting people with the more-than-human world realigns them with their own true nature. She has an endless curiosity for exploring possibilities of changing the brain with sensory practice in the forest. Chloe brings a perspective on balance and wholeness that marries sensory exercises based on current neuroscience research with ancient practices of deep connection with nature.