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Neo Forest Bathing

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Forest bathing is a practice of walking slowly in the forest, paying close attention to whatever you see, hear, feel. Entering the forest is walking through the doorway to a liminal world where you can experience a sense of truly being in the “here and now.” Sounds, light, textures, and movement all come alive, capturing the senses and allowing you to access a meditative mind.

This practice of giving nature your full attention honors humanity’s ancestral bond with the forest. Among the trees, you can find a meditative mind that is fascinated by the present and free from worries about past and future.

Using Neo Forest Bathing as a regular part of any meditation practice helps bring one into a sate of sensory openness and unfiltered connection to their surroundings. Neo Forest Bathing is a supportive tool to anyone practicing nature meditation or guiding forest bathing experiences.

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Plant: Hinoki, Pine, Balsam Poplar, Sage, Greenland Moss, Larch, Thuja, Cypress, Yuzu

Mineral: Black Jet, Maw Sit Sit, 7.83hz Quartz (Schumann Resonance)


Dropping In - Use Neo Forest Bathing any time you want to feel fully present in the moment.

Being In - To develop and strengthen a sense of connection with the natural world, apply Neo Forest Bathing while interacting with more-than-human beings and notice the details and wonder of your surroundings.

Calling In - To access the same sense of attention, connection, and wonder throughout the day, apply Neo Forest Bathing as a way to shift yourself into full attention and interest in your current surroundings.


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3 reviews for Neo Forest Bathing

  1. Karen

    I experienced the true essence of oneness with nature in the forest while using the Neo Forest Bathing formula in ways I have never had before without using the formula…I have a new sense, a synchronicity of peace and connectedness with nature and myself. Neo Forest formula allows me to drop into the forest no matter where I am or what’s going on around me!

  2. Ann

    I diffuse the Neo Forest Bathing formula at home, I feel like it cleans the air and brings a sense of peace to my space. I know the oils have beneficial properties and you can just feel the power of the forest when you use it. I am so glad I found this formula because I can make my home smell and feel like a healing space while knowing that the air is safe and beneficial to breathe. It’s more than aromatherapy, it’s truly a healing experience.

  3. Claudia

    This is better than any other forest essential oil blend! It smells incredible and it CHANGES how I feel instantly. I have never had this experience before! Wow! I use it all the time now and everyone is always asking me about it because it smells so good! I put it on like the directions say (on the temples) and I just take a deep breath and it’s like a miracle for my mind. I have always loved hiking and the smell of this oil takes me back to the forest and makes me feel relaxed and happy.

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