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Neuro Speed

Neuro Speed

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Capacity for focus is the foundation for a successful life. Consequences of lacking focus we all know- trouble sustaining attention or listening, not finishing things, depression, disorganization, and many of life's endeavors left incomplete.

Focus begins with alertness and stimulating the prefrontal cortex. Neuro Speed's protocol builds the neuroplasticity for focus by increasing alertness, narrowing visual focus, and emphasizing intrinsic motivation.


Plant: Roman Sage, Elemi, Foraha, Cucumber, Bergamot, Red Mandarin, Organic Jojoba Oil

Mineral: Slate, Chrysophase, 528hz Quartz


Use Neuro Speed plant and mineral technology to trigger deliberate focused alertness. Building a mind that is capable of focusing at will requires strengthening the brain mechanisms for alertness.

The neuroplasticity practice of using Neuro Speed to initiate focus increases one's ability to quickly and effectively find one's focused mind.

Neuro Speed gives you that first step to sustaining your attention in any activity: 

  • Working
  • Studying
  • Practice of a sport or a musical instrument
  • Learning a new skill or ideas
  • Important conversations

Use Neuro Speed repeatedly in situations where your focus is distracted.


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Customer Reviews

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As a client of John Tjenos I have had the chance to watch his process of developing this formula and its accompanying techniques. It just keeps getting better and especially with the addition of the Cacao Spray I think it should be a primary prescription, instead of the amphetamine called Adderall for all who need to enhance their focus. My college aged son and daughter (they tell me that 30 % of their classmates are using Adderall), wife, and now work mates are all using the Neuro Speed- Cacao protocols and we all agree our ability to get into �focused states of mind� (John�s expression) is increasingly easy.