We like to think of Neo Myalo | New Mind as a Collective.

The company was generated from the contributions of John Tjenos and Cathy Eason, a talented cohort of healers and teachers, a multitude of other reviewers and editors, and very soon, you, our customers. Your contribution to The Collective is to use our plant and mineral formulas, with focused attention, to facilitate building new brain pathways. Establishing new healthy habits and practices into your life is the outcome. Creating a new tool for positive changes in our lives is precious work for all.


As teachers of nutritional therapy and as nutritional health practitioners with a combined 50 years of experience, every day in our classrooms and clinics we’ve recognized that brain health is foundational to all matters of health. So many factors are responsible for the crisis in brain health we see in the world today—toxicity, staring into screens, infections, poor diets and mal-digestion, short attention spans and a cultural impatience with taking the time needed to learn new things, unhealed concussions, insufficient sleep, and just bad habits like alcohol, drugs, and sugar. If you had the eagle’s perch that we have as teachers and clinicians, you would see what we see—when the brain is wired and tired by fatigue, inflammation, and toxicity, it no longer runs the body with the same intelligence necessary for balance and health. And, we also see the body’s communication back to the brain is just as compromised. This poor brain-body communication leads to disease, physical dysfunction, memory loss, or at the very least, a loss of the vitality that makes one’s life a good life. A lot is at stake when it comes to the health of your brain.


This company is grounded in two fields: the science of neuroplasticity, the science that proves our brains are designed for change, and energetic medicine. When the two are combined, you have Neo Myalo/New Mind. Dr. Norman Doidge, author of the premier books on neuroplasticity, introduced how using energetic fields can create positive effects for brain health.

Doidge heralds the use of energy medicine (his examples include acupuncture, meditation, chi gong, light therapy and sound) and describes these modalities as:

“...natural, noninvasive avenues into the brain provided by the forms of energy around us—light, sound, vibration, movement—that can pass through our senses and our bodies to awaken the plastic brain’s own transformative capacities without surgery or medication and their unpleasant side effects or risks.” from “The Brain’s Way of Healing” by Dr. N. Doidge

Neo Myalo | New Mind’s plant and mineral essential oil formulas have an energetic field that the brain and nervous system can sense and use for building new brain pathways. When the oil is applied in combination with the practice of a new desirable habit—whether it be a cognitive task or the learning of a sport or movement—it creates a neural pathway in the brain that reinforces a new behavior. With each successive application of the oil blend along with the action of new practices, more new nerve synapses are created and strengthened. Then, with repetitive use, the aromatics of the formula becomes an additional trigger for the new brain pathway. So, the energetic pathway, the intentional practice of an action, and the actual aromatherapy work at three different levels for the same result.

Here’s an example of how Neo Myalo | New Mind plant and mineral essential oil formulas help build those stronger positive connections. Anxiety has an energetic field that has developed negative neuroplasticity in the brain and generated unwanted symptoms in the body. Application of our Anxiety Resolve blend (to be released soon) combined with making three long exhalations and replacing a negative thought with a positive one will create a new energetic field. New neurons are created, new synapses are formed, and with every successive application the synapses become stronger. Now the possibility of replacing anxiety with a sense of being present and centered can be realized. You have created a new mind.


Neo Myalo | New Mind’s formulas are unique in several ways. They are a combination of essential oils and rocks, minerals, and elements of the earth. The synergy between these substantial “acts of nature” are clearly read and received by the nervous system. After several successive applications of an oil, a double effect occurs: the oil formula has an immediate energetic communication to the nervous system and then the scent becomes a trigger for the specific intent of the oil. Whether the intent is for being in a vagal/parasympathetic state, strengthening the brain’s prefrontal cortex for organizing thoughts and generating focus, or breaking the pattern of reflexive anxiety, each blend contributes to brain health with a multi-layered approach to creating change.

It would be true to say that all essential oils have energetic properties, but what is different about our approach is we begin with this premise. These are energetic formulas. This means they interact with us much like an acupuncture needle changes our energetic field, not by injecting a chemical substance into our skin but rather by stimulating or calming a specific energetic pathway. Each time the oils are used, they are applied to specific parts of the head with three focused exhalations. When combined with the practice of a new pattern or learning, the potential for neuroplasticity occurs.


The materials in our blends are sourced from dedicated growers around the world who have created the most energetically vital essential oils in the world. The rocks, minerals, and gems added to the oils are sourced by a renowned expert in essential oils and earth elements. The bottles are Miron glass with its unmatched properties for preserving the integrity of an essential oil. We begin this venture knowing and feeling good about the fact we have spared no expense to produce the highest quality products possible. We believe you will experience this integrity with every application of the formulas.


If you want to know what inspired the two-year process of launching Neo Myalo/New Mind, please read “Potential for Neuroplasticity” about the brain’s capacity for making new pathways and habits. For neuroplasticity to be successful, it demands a commitment—a commitment to doing the necessary work of establishing pathways and habits we deem as supportive to our well-being. With every practice, we have a stronger positive response and a greater likelihood of following that pathway again. This is the wealth gained from working with our potential for neuroplasticity. The importance of neuroplasticity education to our own clients’ success in healing has been a driving factor for the development of our products.


We encourage you to take the time to read all of our education pages. We have decades of experience as educators, and we see education as sharing, empowering, and collaborative. Our products are a tool to be used in this participatory medicine. If you were to ask us what is key to the healing we have witnessed, one of the first steps would be the client or student becoming educated about how the body works. The success of our products will be partly due to your newfound understanding of yourself as a brain and body.

We hope this dynamic will become part of the identity of Neo Myalo/New Mind—teaching you about yourselves (that has to be interesting!!).


May we say thanks to all who have been part of the collective in one way or another, including hundreds of beta-testers who have experienced the potential of our products and along the way have offered their invaluable observations and guidance. We are even more excited for the healing possibilities of the formulas because of you.

We look forward to hearing from you. We are dedicating ourselves to learning from you, too.

Thank you,

Neo Myalo | New Mind


Make up your new mind by building new brain pathways