How to Use Vagal 2.0

Open bottle, place one finger on top and thumb on bottom and gently shake 2-3 times until a small drop of oil is visible on your finger. You do not need a whole drop, just a shimmer of oil on the pad of your finger is enough.

Apply the oil to the top of the neck where it meets the skull. There the occipital bone of the skull sits on top of the neck's top verebrae called the atlas. Immediately in front of the atlas/occiput is the brain stem where the vagal nerve originates.

As you apply the oil, begin taking three slow inhalations followed by longer exhalations on each breath. Keep your application finger against your head for the duration of the three breaths for added energetic effect.

Repeat as needed throughout the day—before each meal, prior to any anticipated stress or when you feel anxious, before bed, or simply when you’d like to brain-shift into the vagal/parasympathetic state.