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Mirrors and other shiny objects are believed to deflect the evil eye, a symbol of antagonizing energy. Apotropaic techniques (in Greek it means to “turn away”) have been used in every culture throughout earth’s history to turn away unwanted energies that interfere with ours.

Psychic interference is a specific stress that affects our vitality, perceptions, and thought processes. When psychic interferences are cleared with application of the Mirror formula, you sense clarity of brain and body integration. This restorative integration can feel like you are completely occupying your body and aura.

Application of Mirror oil to a specific imbalanced chakra (energy center), or to all of the chakras, creates an energetic clearing that will help you take your power back.



Plant: Cape Chamomile, Mugwort, Geranium, Rose, Clary Sage, Palmerosa, Grapefruit, Vanilla, Lemon, Linden Blossom, Organic Jojoba Oil

Mineral: Diamond, Pyrite, 528hz Quartz


  • For therapists and caretakers who experience a sense of “taking on “others' energies
  • Inappropriate attachments or obsessions
  • Energetic fields from groups or a culture that create an interference for being one’s true self
  • Situations where one feels hexed or cursed or attacked
  • Gu syndrome (in Chinese medicine its “possession syndrome"). Gu syndrome ranges from being having parasites to  interacting with people who deplete our energies through their attachment (Gu syndrome actually means that your system is hollowed out from the inside out by dark yin forces that you cannot see)
  • For chakras that are diminished by “cording” (cording is a psychic expression for when someone or energies attach themselves to an energy center)
  • For when one feels unable to leave work or any stressful situation behind
  • Habituated or addictive behaviors that have encourage “leaving” the body or dissociation
  • PTSD, nightmares, and any experience of ruminating on traumatic events




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Customer Reviews

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I use Mirror every day after work (I am a nurse) and it totally changes my mood and helps me �leave work at work.� I feel safer knowing I am not holding energies that weigh me down.


My challenge of energetically being affected by my client�s emotional and psychological pain has caused me to question my longevity in being a therapist. The psychic protection provided by MIrror oil by Neo Myalo and the protocol for sensing the location of the unwanted attachments is a revelation. I have a clearer sense of when my energy is mine. I would love to know the origins of how Mirror was created.