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Use Portal to develop the inner world, which opens to the vastness of the meditative mind.

Apply Portal during any meditation practice, then apply again throughout the day to experience the meditative mind in real-time, as a way of seeing daily life from a new perspective.


Plant: Geranium, Rose, Clary Sage, Palmerosa, Grapefruit, Vanilla, Organic Jojoba Oi

Mineral: Flint, Black Diamond Sand, 528hz Quartz


Dropping In - Use Portal any time you want to access your meditative mind.

Being In - To develop and strengthen your meditative mind during practice, apply Portal while actively practicing  meditation (any style of meditation works!).

Calling In - To access the meditative mind that you experienced during your practice, apply Portal as a way to shift yourself into that familiar state. Use Portal as a touchpoint for your chosen mental state during the day, this is how you can meditate in real time, finding your meditative mind anywhere, any time.



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I started practicing meditation about a year ago and I was struggling to deepen my practice, especially when I was separated from my community during the pandemic. I wanted to learn to meditate to lower my stress and do some inner healing, so I started with some guided meditations and more recently I have been practicing vipassana meditation. I found out about Portal from a friend who has many years of practicing vipassana and she told me about the real-time meditation when using the oil. I am so thankful that I found Portal. When I sit down to meditate I always use it and then start my practice, it really sticks with me and changes my whole day when I use Portal at work and whenever I want to remember my practice. As someone new to practicing meditation, I found this to be the BEST tool for helping me locate and learn to stick with my �meditative mind.� Realizing that it�s like a place to go in my mind and I can practice getting there with Portal was a whole new concept that finally helped me go deep and feel really rooted in my practice. I am so glad I found Portal, it smells so good and whenever I use it I feel myself click into the version of myself that I want to be. It gives me a sense of being my best self because I am operating in my �meditative mind� instead of the usual reactive mind.


I learned to practice Kirtan Kriya from the Neo Myalo YouTube and I just got Portal a week ago. I use it every day before I do the Kirtan Kriya and I feel like every time I have done the meditation I go really deep.