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Scar Release

Scar Release

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Working on scars therapeutically has the potential for:

  • Cosmetic support
  • Enhanced elasticity of the tissue for increased mobility of skin, muscles and joints
  • Neurological reset that calms the overactivated tissues
  • Unblocking the acupuncture channels inhibited by scars (tattoos are common cause of blocked meridians due to scar tissue)
  • Facial scars caused by acne healed
  • Relief of pain syndromes that are triggered by scars– migraines, neuralgia, joint and muscle pain

Treating scars is an essential therapy. See how many ways scars can affect our health:

Nervous System Dysregulation

Scars chronically activate the sympathetic nervous system (heart, respiratory rate, and blood pressure go up, heart rate variability (HRV) is decreased creating a chronic stress response.

Nerve Impulse Overactivity

Scars affect structure neurologically because where there is scar tissue there are damaged nerve cells which causes the resting membrane potential to be chronically low. This means the nerve will fire off a nerve impulse with much less of a stimulus. The tissue becomes excitable, and it has a chaotic effect on the nervous system. This creates a disconnect between the brain and the tissues. The impact of scars on the nervous system is the basis of Neural Therapy. A scar can trigger migraines, disrupt digestion, activate anxiety, and. affect eye tracking.

Diminished Energy Flow

Scars diminish the flow through the channels of acupuncture meridian systems, producing energy and circulation stagnations in the extremities– legs, arms and brain.

Structural Distortion

Scars are injurious to fascia, causing “kinks” in our structural tissues that distort the alignment of the body. This causes body-wide structural imbalances, degraded joints, and inevitable pain.

Internal Adhesions

Scars create internal adhesions inside the body. Adhesions act as internal “strait jackets”, reducing the range of motion of muscles , joints and the motility of organs. This diminishes their performance and potentially produces pain.

Hormonal Effects

Scars impact our hormonal system by triggering adrenal output of cortisol which can suppress production of sex-hormones.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brandon Dean
Effective Treatment

Scar release seems to have loosened some of the skin around my scars. Would recommend.

Chelsey Bates

Scar Release