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Vagal 2.0

Vagal 2.0

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Based on 6 reviews
Claudie Strevey Panneton
Did not see any improvement

I find the product very expensive for what it delivers. I tried it several times and it did not work for me. Quite disappointing but the scent is very pretty.

Bryce Barnett

The product has not been received as at 6 June
Bryce Barnett

Mihaela Iukovici
Vagal 2.0 is a wonderful oil

I'm incredibly thankful to have discovered you. My body responds immediately to the Vagal 2.0 oil, activating my parasympathetic system in an instant. While the breathing technique offers some relief, it alone doesn't suffice for me. Each time I apply the oil, I'm transported to a different state of being, experiencing a soothing effect on my entire body, mind, and spirit—it's like returning home. In the last 6 years, I've been searching for an alternative to the expensive, pure oils I've being using. As a dedicated user, I've found that only a specific brand of essential oils worked for me. My body rejects any hint of impurities or pollutants; they feel like yet another assault on my senses, akin to my aversion to loud noises, stale food, or disturbing imagery. With Neo Myalo, I found not only an oil that can help me manage the stress but also gives me the freedom of choice which is priceless in my quest of sovereignty.


I started using Vagal 2.0 because I was having really bad heartburn when I woke up. I use it before I eat and before bed and I notice a huge change since I started using it. I feel like overall my digestion is better and I am not waking up uncomfortable like I was. I didn�t know how much bad digestion was affecting me, I�m glad I learned about the parasympathetic state and how to use Vagal oil. Everyone should know this information, I think it could help so many people.


I love the Vagal Formula! My favorite time to use Vagal Formula is just before bed! My whole body transforms. As I take 3 slow breaths, I can feel calmness in my chest. I can feel my blood pressure slow down no time I am drifting off to sleep!